Weekly Update, June 24-July 1

What’s been happening at SnapEx this week? 

Well, there has been some very big news and updates. 

Most of it revolving around the Trader Program. 

As many of you are aware, SnapEx is launching its Social Trading Functionality, with a special preview version available to existing users. 

With that milestone in mind, SnapEx has been featured across the biggest news websites in traditional and digital finance, with bitcoin.com, investing.com, Benzinga, and Yahoo! All featuring SnapEx and the Lead Trader Program.

This is a major update for a variety of different reasons. 

First and foremost, SnapEx is offering 30x traders the opportunity to become ‘lead traders’ to be copied from on SnapEx. 

It’s not just about that, but it’s about boosting the visibility of these traders. 

With a community of 300,000 users, SnapEx will also boost these channels through digital advertising, online and offline event sponsorship, in-platform boosts and more, providing them with the means of reaching a greater audience. Relationship managers will also be assigned for one-to-one support. 

This benefits the wider community too, as users know the lead traders are carefully vetted and experienced, providing them with the gold standard of support. 

Only 30 places are available, and if you want to get involved, all you need to do is fill out this form and our support staff will happily get back to you. 

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