SnapEx Weekly Update (29 Nov – 5 Dec)

This past week has probably been the most important week of the entire history of SnapEx and its community – the launch of SNAP Tokens!

We also squeezed in some time to appear in 3 AMAs hosted by our partners, aside from officially inking multiple partnerships across the crypto industry – further strengthening the SnapEx community.

Several of those strategic partnerships are actually launchpads, which means more and more crypto users will be able to buy SNAP Tokens across multiple platforms.

And as part of our roadmap, we’ve also listed many new trading pairs – many of which are metaverse coins.

Private Sale Sold Out in 1 Hour and 43 Minutes

The SNAP Token private sale was officially launched end of last week at 9pm (GMT+8) on Friday 3rd December.

Within minutes, we saw hundreds of users flooding in to buy SNAP Tokens. And before we could say “SNAP to the moon”, all 600,000 USDT worth of allocations we’ve specially set aside for SnapEx users were sold out.

And this happened in a span on only 1 hour and 43 minutes!

Public Sale via Lottery Ticketing System Goes Live!

As scheduled, the SNAP Token public sale went live the next day 9pm (GMT+8) on Saturday 4th December.

Unlike the private sale – where there’s a limited allocation for SnapEx users – this public sale is open to all with users being able to buy as many tickets as they want.

That means any user with a SnapEx account (that has completed KYC) can buy 1 ticket, 10 tickets, heck even a hundred tickets!

Note: 1 Ticket = 300 USDT = 12,000 SNAP Tokens

The ticket submission began on 4th December and will end at 9pm (GMT+8) on 14th December.

For more details on the public sale mechanics and timeline, click here.

SNAP Tokens Available on Launchpads

Through our partnership with Daostarter, users can now purchase SNAP Tokens on the Daostarter launchpad! Their whitelist is officially open and will close at 9pm (GMT+) on Friday 10th December.

SNAP Tokens will also be available on other launchpads, such as:

For more information on the Daostarter, click here.

Latest Round of AMAs and New Partnerships Secured

We’ve recently formed a series of new strategic partnerships with some big names and communities in crypto, namely Coin Moi, DaoStarter, R8 Block Capital, Excalibur Capital, Lavender Capital by Roseon Finance, DG Capital, Cosmo Capital.

Think we’d be done with the AMAs by now? Not a chance! Despite having our hands full preparing for the SNAP Token sale, our CEO Cathal Donnellan and CMO Julian Ong took some time off to have a chat with various crypto communities.

Last week we were hosted by our partners FF Ventures, BTC Monday, and Zeroski Fx. It was a great opportunity to let their communities know about our then upcoming SNAP Token sales.

As always, we’re all about building strong communities, and we’d like to see each one of us do well – together!

The next round of AMAs that will be happening very soon will be:

  • Skyx (Indonesia) – 8:00pm (GMT+8), Wed 8th Dec 2021
  • XiaoChizi (China) – 9:00pm (GMT+8), Wed 8th Dec 2021
  • WenWen (China) – 10:00pm (GMT+8), Thu 9th Dec 2021
  • Roseon Finance (Launchpad) – 9:00pm (GMT+8), Fri 10th Dec 2021

Mark your calendars, folks! We’ll share the live AMA links on the day of the event in the SnapEx Global Telegram group.

New Metaverse-Linked Trading Pairs Listed

We mentioned in our roadmap that we’ll be listing new trading pairs EVERY WEEK. And we’ve done exactly that.

Just in this past week, we’ve listed new pairs including metaverse-related coins:

  • YFI
  • SRM
  • AVAX
  • AXS
  • AAVE
  • CHZ
  • ENJ
  • GALA
  • ZEC

So, what new trading pairs will we be listing next week? Follow our official announcement channels on Telegram or Twitter to find out!

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