SNAP Token Single Staking Announcement!

SnapEx is delighted to announce the next critical milestone in the development of the SNAP Ecosystem – the launch of our own on-DeFi portal BSC staking for the SNAP token. Our development team has worked very hard in the last few weeks to get the smart contract ready, alongside revamping the DeFi portal to be more user friendly. We are tremendously excited to announce the release of the contract on 20 April 2022!

The main features of this staking offering include:

  • Staking offering governed by a smart contract
  • User-friendly UI to interact with the contract in order to stake and withdraw tokens and claim rewards
  • Flexible staking of 45 days and 90 days
  • Pools of staking rewards to be shared depending on number of tokens staked
  • Stake SNAP and earn SNAP

In order to stake directly with our staking contract, all users will need:

  • A Metamask wallet
  • SNAP Tokens
  • BNB to pay for the gas fees

The actual APR depends on the amount of tokens staked in the contract. This on-defi portal staking will run until our centralized staking is complete, where you will also be able to stake directly on SnapEx app and website then. More details will be provided in future posts, so be sure to stay updated on our handles outlined below!

SNAP Staking:

Countdown Link:

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