Luna 2.0 – Coming to SnapEx

Luna 2.0 – Coming to SnapEx

SnapEx is delighted to announce its support for Luna 2.0 

Starting June 1, SnapEx users will be able to long and short Luna 2.0 on the SnapEx CFD trading platform with up to 50x leverage

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The SnapEx Edge:

⚡️ Flexible leverage of 1x to 150x

⚡️ Instant Order Settlement

⚡️ Start trading with only $3 USDT

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is a highly-risky type of investment/trading. It is recommended that you do your own due diligence and do your own research (DYOR) to mitigate risk and help minimise losses. SnapEx will not bear responsibility for losses made due to suboptimal trading decisions. 

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