Infinity Capital Hosting an AMA with SnapEx 10.11.21 8pm (GMT+7)

Infinity Hosting an AMA with C-suites of SnapEx) Today!

Join us today at 8pm (GMT+7) for an AMA with our Cathal (CEO of SnapEx) and Julian (CMO of SnapEx)

Cathal will be there with the team from Infinity Capital to ask any questions that you might have. Wondering what this partnership is all about? Curious about what is SnapEx up to and what’s coming next?

During this event, we will be giving 100 USD worth of Snap Token.

📍Infinity Capital has been specializing in investments in blockchain and distributed ledger technology projects. Infinity Capital has the goal of sharing their expertise with promising projects and advancing the overall level of development and professionalism in cryptocurrency and DeFi space. For projects that qualify for the Infinity Capital team analysis policy and receive the enthusiastic support of the community, We will have a policy of sharing investment opportunities as well as KOLs in Vietnam.And there are many more attractive policies to help the project spread for all Crypto investors in the Vietnam market. We will have a separate discussion on special marketing services.

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