12th SNAP Token Unlock – 3rd Tier Unlocked

Thanks to the continuous support and trust from our users, the trading volume on SnapEx has surpassed $900,000,000 over the month of October/November 2022, maintaining the consistent performance shown throughout this bear market and beating the downtrends by offering our userbase the ability to profit in both bullish and bearish market conditions. 

This achievement has enabled us to successfully reach the third token unlock tier. Tokens have been distributed accordingly. For full token information, please click here.

SNAP Token Burn:
Up to today, a total of 51,623,931 SNAP Tokens have been repurchased and burned.


1st Burn (337,268 SNAP)

2nd Burn (506,269.97 SNAP)

3rd Burn (944,755 SNAP) 

4th Burn (1,451,398.73 SNAP)

5th Burn (3,053,635.03 SNAP)

6th Burn (10,256,410 SNAP)

7th Burn (8,564,088  SNAP)

8th Burn (8,510,025 SNAP)

9th Burn (8,510,025 SNAP)

10th Burn (10,000,000 SNAP)



Stake your SNAP to earn SNAP. Go to https://snapexdefi.com/staking to earn extra rewards now!

Social Trading (Copy Trade):

You can now follow your favorite trader to copy their trading strategies and ride on the profit trend! Visit the “Social Trade” tab on your app or click here for the web

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Use Case Update

Over November/December, SnapEx will begin migrating to a version 4.0 of the SnapEx platform to deliver a more comprehensive trading experience and more user-demanded upgrades, including a tokens-for-fees mechanism.  


SnapEx Team

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